As a manager of a building, you don’t want more questions, you want solutions.  Everyone you will interact with at is committed to serving you and finding you answers.

If you are looking for solutions to the risk management and insurance issues you face, you’ve come to the right place.   Many insurance intermediaries place an insurance policy and disappear for eleven months. Our goal is to carve out a position in your stable of trusted advisors, like an attorney or accountant, and be involved in any significant business discussion. Correct insurance cannot be purchased retroactively and getting ahead of changes is one of the easiest ways to reduce costs.

So scroll through our list of services and we’ll be here to help – whenever you need us.

Proactive Planning and Insurance Program Review

Insurance policies run one year but your business will likely be around for decades. We work with clients to turn the process into a low pressure, year round activity. Not scrambling days before the renewal also allows us the best negotiation position possible to drive preferable pricing and terms.

To enable this, our brokers aim for a constant process of review and improvement. We do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, including round-tabling and peer review by our team, to ensure you have the most inexpensive and progressive coverage possible. While most brokers provide insurance quotes on a reactionary basis to clients, we focus on a proactive process to drive consistent value.

For you

Engaging in an early review of the insurance policies your firm carries will lead to the best long-term results.  It is important to recognize that lowest price is not always best and the broadest coverage is not always necessary.  We will work with you to understand what you need covered and your price constraints.

For Your Properties

Condo buildings, commercial buildings, office parks and industrial centers all have specific types of insurance needs – many of them required by law.  With access to multiple insurance carriers, we can solicit options on your behalf and lay out the options in a streamlined comparison that will save you time, money and may even enhance your coverage.

Risk Assessment

Self Managed Properties

Self managing properties eliminates the concern of lawsuits from investors or property owners. However, it is often more difficult to distance yourself to avoid personal liability in the event of a lawsuit. Purchasing higher personal limits of insurance is recommended.

Properties with Multiple Owners

Properties with multiple owners require extra diligence if the landlord is also an owner, silent partners have standing to sue if they feel the property was mismanaged or the controlling partner was not acting in their best interest.

The most difficult insurance issue is ensuring all parties are covered under policies as efficiently as possible. There are economies of scale in purchasing insurance policies and consolidating as you grow is recommended.

Multiple Properties with Multiple Owners

Working for an array of owners often misaligns the property managers interests with the owners. Creating a set of management policies separate from those the property owners carry is often recommended.

Condo Managers

Condominium management presents a new set of risks and the duties of a manager are often tightly regulated. Structuring coverage under each condo’s insurance program to ensure the manager if properly covered is crucial.

Additional Services

Risk Management Assistance

Reducing risk is the only way to reduce costs in the long term. Our team provides resources in person, on the phone and online to help our clients reduce their risk and lower the possibility of lawsuits.  This will cause underwriters to look favorably at your business, allowing lower rating tiers to be accessed by your firm which results in lower premiums.

Help with Claims

Until a claim is paid an insurance policy is just a piece of paper.  Once a claim happens, that piece of paper becomes extremely valuable – and suddenly very confusing.

We work with our clients who have experienced a claim to assist in the filing of the claim and management of the process.  We work to decipher the correspondence and explain the process to you as clearly.  As insurance experts we know what to expect and can assist you in securing the most favorable reimbursement possible.