How Does The Process Work?

We work in an industry where insurance brokers and agents are compensated by commission for insurance policies we sell. However, we do not feel that merely providing quotes is a good use of either parties time.

We start with a program review, providing insight into any coverage gaps or alternative structures. At that points we approach markets – often including your current carrier – on your behalf in an attempt to secure better coverage.

We provide independent analysis of the options available and work to secure the best option available for you.

What Insurance Lines Should I be Concerned About?

Insuring the actual building for both property damage and from injuries on premises is the basic foundation. We work to determine the legal structure of the buildings involved and push integrated programs to combine policies for cost savings when possible.

Umbrella insurance, providing excess liability, is an easily overlooking and often inexpensive coverage.

Covering a managers professional liability – lawsuits over mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty and discrimination, is one of the most overlooked but important coverages. Policy wording and pricing in this space is not standard, structuring a policy for your unique situation is where the brokers at excel.

What Insurance Carriers Do You Work With?

We have created many partnerships to access all the major insurance carriers on a brokerage basis. As a broker our interests are legally and ethically aligned with yours. While most general agents place business with a handful of companies to extract the highest payments to themselves we avoid these traps to align our interests with yours.

How Can I Reduce The Cost of Coverage?

Building managers are used to securing and analyzing bids, which work well when analyzing building repairs and other infrequent expenses. However, if you bid out your maintenance contractor every year many organizations would stop responding. Insurance works the same way – there are a limited number of insurance company underwriters and submitting your insurance from a different broker each year can create a situation where insurance companies don’t respond aggressively.

Aligning with an expert and independent broker and putting together a multi-year plan can create a strategy to sustainable and dramatically reduce and stabilize costs.

Can You Offer Payment Plans?

We approach insurance as a financial transaction and recognize the need for building managers to match cash flows. We have a number of free or low cost solutions to align premium payments with rents.