Bedbug Lawsuit Verdict

A 69 year old Annapolis Maryland resident, Faika Shaaban, has been awarded $800,000 in a lawsuit over bedbugs. The award from a Anne Arundel County jury included $650,000 in punitive damages to send a message to the landlord.

Shaaban moved into a building owned and managed by Cornelius J. Barrett and West Street Partnership, shortly afterward she was covered in “scabs and lesions from head to toe” from a bedbug infestation in her unit. It was alleged that Barrett knew of the problem and had been previously ordered to exterminate the insects.

After Shaaban began to make formal complaints about the problem she was evicted, further giving fuel to her lawsuit.

Property managers are reminded to document all complaints and the timeline of any remedies. Also, lawyers should be involved in any evictions or regulatory investigations. Contact to discuss better protecting your operation and strategies to lower insurance costs.